CfSA Manifesto

The Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) is delighted to share its manifesto, which sets out a plan towards revitalising teaching, and supporting subject expertise across the curriculum.

As the National Foundation for Education Research has shown, the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention shows no signs of abating (see report published by the NFER on 20 March 2024). Increasing workloads and erosion of pay are the key factors driving this crisis; taken together with the lack of time teachers have to dedicate to developing their subject knowledge, it is no wonder that 1/3 of teachers leave their role after five years.

As the national voice for education, the CfSA is perfectly placed to take action in support of teachers: alongside the lecturers, teachers, and teacher educators represented by the more than 30 Subject Associations that make up the CfSA, the CfSA will lead a programme of targeted interventions that will lead to improved teacher recruitment and retention.