UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark

The UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark is a membership organisation, subject association and charity. On behalf of our membership, we advocate for and support accessible and excellent musical learning and engagement in and out of school, for all children and young people, which inspires and enriches their lives.

As part of our vision for all children and young people to have access to a high-quality music education, Music Mark works with schools across the UK. By providing free resources, practical training and online events, we support and empower teachers to champion music in and out of the classroom. Whether you’re a class teacher and music is just one of your many subjects, the school music lead, or a music curriculum teacher, we’re here to support you and the young people you work with.

“Music Mark works to support music teachers and the organisations they work for, to build connections within and beyond the music education ecosystem, and influence music education policy and practice.” Bridget Whyte – Chief Executive

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