Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom (JMC)

The JMC is a council of participating and observing societies formed in 1963 to promote communication between the societies and to promote mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics at all levels. It serves as a forum for discussion between societies and for making representations to government and other bodies and responses to their enquiries. The JMC sets up working parties and groups to examine topics as required. The JMC works closely with both the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (a joint initiative with The Royal Society) and the National Centre for the Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

The Participating Societies of the JMC are Association of Teachers of Mathematics, Association of Mathematics Education Teachers, British Society for the History of Mathematics, British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, London Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association, Mathematics in Education and Industry, National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges, National Association of Mathematics Advisers, National STEM Centre, NRICH (on behalf of the Mathematics Millennium Project), Operational Research Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Statistical Society, and Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

The Observing Societies of the JMC are Adults Learning Mathematics, Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education, Department for Education [England], Department of Education [Northern Ireland], Education Scotland, Higher Education Academy, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, National College for Teaching and Leadership, Office for Standards in Education, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, The Royal Society, School Mathematics Project, Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies and Mathematics, and United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

The British Congress of Mathematics Education is a joint conference organised by the JMC and its Participating Societies. It is held every four years between ICME (International Congress on Mathematical Education) conferences. BCME provides an opportunity to promote mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

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