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Do you know there is a subject association for you?

The CfSA is the joint voice of subject associations, bringing organisations together for the benefit of learners and teachers

Members benefit from the power of a unified voice, representing SAs in informing educators, policy makers and media about research and professional practice informed approaches to the curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training and development.

Would you like to:

  • be up to date in your subject?
  • be part of your subject community?
  • pursue your own learning?
  • have access to dedicated sources of information?

For more information about the subject association members and associate members of CfSA and the services they offer, please take a look at our members section.

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Our members:​

Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)

ACT exists to further the aims of citizenship teaching and learning, championing citizenship education to all young people and supporting teachers and schools in delivering the subject. We connect teachers to regional and national networks, offering training, CPD and more.

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