The Council for Subject Associations

A Voice for Subjects

The National Voice for Education

The Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) is a coordinating membership organisation, speaking with one consistent voice, on behalf of different member Subject Associations. The CfSA supports a range of other education associations, which represent a professional sector membership comprising teachers and educators across all subjects and age phases in the UK. Together CfSA members provide subject expertise, research informed advice and resources in curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training and teacher development, gathering and building on the knowledge and expertise of serving teachers, headteachers, governors, leaders academics, students, and governments. The CfSA is the national voice for education.

Do you know there is a Subject Association for you?

Would you like to: be up to date in your subject? be part of your subject community? pursue your own learning? have access to dedicated sources of information?

Subject Associations are all established membership organisations whose members include teachers, educators, trainee/student teachers, schools, FE Colleges, teacher training institutions, and other educational establishments. All will have meetings and conferences where you can meet others with a passion for your subject. All of us are committed to raising educational standards by developing and disseminating high quality research, professional development and other support focused on subject knowledge and pedagogy. We are trusted organisations, able to demonstrate the impact of our work to develop better practice and raise standards for teaching and learning. 

For more information about the subject association members and associate members of CfSA and the services they offer, please take a look at our members section or view the CfSA Directory.