The main aim of AAIA is to secure effective assessment practice within the educational community and to further the educational practice and professional development of members.  This is achieved through the activities of the regional and working groups, through an annual conference and through the website ( and publications.  All of these provide a forum for the exchange of views, information, and experience related to all aspects of assessment. 

Furthermore AAIA provides a professional response to issues that may influence assessment as part of learning and teaching through formal and informal meetings with representatives of the DCSF, QCA, NAA, CIEA, OfQUAL and other appropriate national organisations or departments.  AAIA regularly responds to consultation documents and where possible representatives attend key seminars and conferences that have a bearing on assessment, learning and teaching.

Regional activities include the development of materials, publications and training to support assessment as part of learning and teaching as well as agreed procedures for inter-LA moderation. 

Finally AAIA liaises with other professional associations to further its aims and to promote better opportunities for learners of all ages.

Benefits of membership:

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    • Request advice and information from the association
    • Involvement through AAIA, in national consultations

    Full members

    • Annual National Conference
    • Regional meetings
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